Media and Public Engagement

Select Conference Papers

Seals and the People of Britain, Society of Antiquaries of London (virtual conference) 15 and 22 March 2021

‘Seals and Identity: Scottish Women’s Seals in the Archives’ (start at 8:01)

*The seal of Mary Stewart, countess of Angus, features the arms of Scotland in the dexter position and her marital arms of Angus and Douglas in the sinister. Mistakes happen live sometimes!*

Opening Our Cage: Women, Power and Agency in the Medieval World, 500-1500 Trinity College Dublin (virtual conference), 16 May 2020

‘Lock her up!’: The imprisonment and political career of Isabella, duchess of Albany and countess of Lennox’

Select Blog Posts

Feminist Shakespeare? Almost Tangible’s MacBeth and the Power of Aristocratic Scottish Women in the Middle Ages

What’s her %$@#! name? Women, Representation, and Outlaw King

Relevancy and the Field of History

Our Own Worst Enemies: Bannockburn Heritage Centre and Thoughts on the Practice of History


Scotichronicast (Dr Kate Buchanan)

Scotichronicast, Episode 24 ‘The Scotichronicast’s First Listener Q&A’

Scotichronicast, Episode 17 ‘Charters and Female Agency and Power in Medieval Scotland with Dr Rachel Meredith Davis’